Burgundy, gold and meringue

“Can you bake me a cake, I´m hosting a dinner party on Saturday?” my sister asked me last week. I shouted (almost too quickly) Yes! for I knew what kind of cake she wanted. I knew that it had to be chocolate cake with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream – ideally the same cake that I made for my dad’s 70th birthday party. My sister is a product designer and it’s so much fun working with her on designing cakes and parties. She told me that she wanted a cake similar to one that I made for the grown ups at my younger son’s first birthday party, except she wanted different colours. Continue reading


Buttercream roses

When it comes to decorating cakes I have to admit that I´m kind of over the fondand thing. Of course you need fondant for certain types of decorations but I think that I decorate about 90% of my cakes with buttercream. With a bit of practice you can get really smooth and straight edges on your cakes.

Now for the roses, it’s really not that difficult to pipe them. You can search the internet for some great tutorials, like this one here. Then all you need is some good buttercream, a few piping tips, a piping bag, some food coloring, parchment paper and a flower nail. And just remember to enjoy the learning process, soon you will be making the perfect buttercream roses 🙂 Buttercream roses Buttercream roses Buttercream roses

Sweet regards, Nina


Celebrating my dad´s 70th birthday in Cuba, almost

Not so long ago my loving father turned 70! Our family, mom, dad and us 5 siblings with our own families rented a small village of cottages at Minni borgir. What is great about Minni borgir is that they offer a small village with seven small cottages and one larger house. That means that every family has their own house where they can have their stuff and relax when that is what they want and then every body can gather in the large house for cooking, dining and partying.

Planing the party was left to us sisters because we love coming up with themed party´s, think about the decorations and seeing everything come to life (more on that in a few days) We decided on a Cuban theme. Continue reading


My little girl’s 5th birthday

On August 11th my “little” girl turned 5. Since we said goodbye to the guests at her 4 year old party she’s been thinking about the cake for this birthday party.
Her mom freely admits that she would like to exercise more control over the creative process but it’s also wonderful to see how much she thinks about this. Over the past year she has, among many others, wanted a superhero theme, Frozen, Barbie and Hello Kitty.

Rummaging around in my baking stuff (which takes up a whole closet by now!) I found two dolls I bought a few years ago. As soon as I saw the dolls, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, I knew I wanted to decorate a cake in that theme. The years went by and my little girl never approved a Little Red Riding Hood theme birthday party – until now! Wahoo! Continue reading