Celebrating my dad´s 70th birthday in Cuba, almost

Not so long ago my loving father turned 70! Our family, mom, dad and us 5 siblings with our own families rented a small village of cottages at Minni borgir. What is great about Minni borgir is that they offer a small village with seven small cottages and one larger house. That means that every family has their own house where they can have their stuff and relax when that is what they want and then every body can gather in the large house for cooking, dining and partying.

Planing the party was left to us sisters because we love coming up with themed party´s, think about the decorations and seeing everything come to life (more on that in a few days) We decided on a Cuban theme.

Cuba100 Untitled1

These picures are from Pinterest.

There is a great playlist named Cuba (of course 😉 ) on Spotify that we had playing in the background. Music always helps to set the right tone. And now for the cake. It of course needed to be related to Cuba. My father loves cigars (much to our disapproval) so I decided to make him a cake in the shape of wood Cohiba cigar box.  Cuban cigars cake Cuban cigars cake

And this is our family on the eve of my dads birthday. My brother Ivar is missing from the picture for he lives in Sweden with his family and could not make it to the party. Also missing in that picture are our spouses and our children ( all 19 of them!) They were all taking pictures of us 😉Dad's 70th birthday party

Hasta luego amigo!



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